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QUESTION: How can I know for sure if God is really speaking to me? I am sometimes afraid that my own desires will get in the way of what He's trying to tell me. I don’t want to miss God.   

ANSWER: I understand. Maybe it's easier to think of it in this way: It's not our responsibility to hear from Him. It's His responsibility to show us. He's 1,000% more reliable than we are.   

In other words and in the bluntest of terms: What makes us think that we or anything else could get in the way of God telling us something? We don't have the ability. There's no way we can hold Him back when He wants to tell us something.   

The people who miss God are unbelievers. God's children KNOW when He calls to them. It has nothing to do with us children and everything to do with the One who is calling.   

If we can live our lives according to this knowledge think of the freedom and peace that we will have!

God bless you!


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